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Article: Handbags Proudly Made in the Middle East

Handbags Proudly Made in the Middle East

Handbags Proudly Made in the Middle East

“Being a ‘made in the Middle East’ brand and contributing to local economies are missions close to our heart.” - Rula Galayini.

Whether you're headed out for dinner with your family or to a formal event, the perfect handbag can make or break your outfit. In fact, the right bag not only completes your outfit, but it can take it to the next level of extraordinary.

Your handbag speaks volumes about your personality and personal tastes. The only thing better than owning a handcrafted clutch is knowing that your handbag supports the Middle East and is responsibly sourced.  

Sustainable Fashion

Your handbag is only as dependable as the materials it’s crafted from. Sustainable fashion is defined as clothing, shoes, and accessories manufactured in the most sustainable manner possible. At Rula Galayini, we vouch for fashion sustainability and strive to encourage personal style crafted from the finest materials.

Every Rula Galayini handbag is crafted from the highest caliber, sustainable materials. Our design and manufacturing process takes into account both environmental and socio-economic aspects. Our workflow is continually improving at every stage of our product's lifecycle.

We believe in developing strong ties within the Middle Eastern community, visiting each factory we partner with to build strong personal relationships with our artisans. In cultivating these relationships, we ensure every design is crafted with integrity. From design and raw material production to manufacturing and transport, we aim for sustainability and a reduced carbon footprint. 

Handcrafted in the Middle East

At the heart of sustainable fashion, is the manufacturing process. Every Rula Galayini design starts right here in Dubai. Every handbag is fully manufactured by skilled artisans in Beirut, making our designs a 100% 'made in the Middle East' brand.

Our Dubai-based brand is proud of its Middle Eastern roots. Currently our handbags are stocked on four continents, in more than 30 countries and we are expanding every year. We take great pride in contributing to the Middle Eastern economy by engaging local craftsmen and manufacturers to produce our amazing designs. In keeping our design and manufacturing process here in the Middle East, we can reduce our environmental impact.

 Products made in other countries have a higher carbon footprint than Middle Eastern made goods. Goods produced in other countries have to be shipped by air, land, and sea to reach our consumers. This shipping burns fossil fuel and results in increased greenhouse gases with every mile they travel. In manufacturing right here in the Middle East, we can dramatically reduce this carbon footprint.

 Our collection features a marriage of bold geometric shapes and vibrant colours with sleek and chic jewelery accents. From the luxurious, supple leather of our Gemini shoulder bag to the striking, artistically inspired hardware of our Ava clutch, our skilled artisans take great pride in knowing that their work is being recognized around the world for its high-fashion appeal and quality craftsmanship.

We are proud to say we are a “made in the Middle East” brand.

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